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BBG WOW 2 in 1 Seat


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2 in1 TECHNOLOGY – Can Fill Either Air or Water in this Seat.
Lower Backpain is the major cause for Bikers to stop pursuing their Motorsports Passion. The Joy & Happiness the Bikers felt when travelling & exploring the True Beauty of Nature is abruptly taken off, sinking them in various levels of Depression. Only a Biker who experienced this knows the truth in this hard fact., we too know.. This happened personally to our own BBG Team who had been consistently biking for the past 25 years.. Life has caught up with us and we all have different levels of Backpain issues..
BBG’s WOW Seat is the result of over several years of continuous research & testing out the Best possibility Medium to reduce Lower Backpain & Tailbone Pain and re-enable Bikers to Pursue their Passion..
Many types of options Ranging from Memory Foam, Silicone, Rubber, Cushion, Gel and Finally Air mediums were used & tested extensively by Bikers with Backpain issues. Even though all gave some sort of Relief and more comfort but could never solve the issue of Biking painlessly or with manageable discomfort. At last we could come successful with the Aqua Therapy.
Tested & Approved by over a Dozen Bikers with Backpain issues who have used it for the past one year at least..
  • Aqua therapy decreases the stress placed on the spine because of the buoyancy provided by the water.
  • Water helps to increase blood supply to sore muscles and joints.
  • Water counteracts gravity and helps to support the weight of the Biker in a controlled fashion
  • Saves your Lower-Back and Tailbone by Absorbing Shocks and Road Jerks.
  • Increases comfort and stops the occurrence of numbness during long rides.
  •  Unique water pressure distribution system evenly distributes pressure amongst all cells.
  • Can also fill Cold Water for a pleasurable & Super Cool experience..
  • Premium, Black, Removable & Washable Cover with Anti-Slip Bottom.
  • Versatile, Easy to Install or Remove with Adjustable Elastic Straps and Buckles
  • Universal Fit for All Geared & Gear-less Two-Wheelers too. 
  • For Safe Riding condition use up to 45℃
P.S – Our Effort here is to help Bikers with Backpain to pursue their passion. But Backpain is a serious health issue and we strongly advise you to take Medical & Physio treatment to help you treat the root cause of the Pain and eradicate it. 

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