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  • PROTECTION – Latest CE Certified LEVEL – 2 Protectors in both Elbows, Shoulders & Back.
  • AIR FLOW – Huge 3D Mesh Panels in front and back for unsurpassed airflow performance.
  • COLD PROTECTION – Inner removable Thermal lining for Cold / Winter riding.
  • WATER PROTECTION – Outer Separate Rain Jacket.
  • NIGHT PROTECTION – 3m Reflective piping in front and back for high visibility while night riding.
  • ONE PIECE SUIT – Connection zip provided to attach to the trousers.
  • STORAGE – Two external Pockets & two Internal pockets(all waterproof).
  • ADJUSTABILITY – Adjustment strap at hips, adjustment tabs at Sleeves and Wrist velcro straps.
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SPITI Riding Jacket, also called by bikers as the Executive Suit of Bikers.

SPITI Motorcycle Jacket comes in unOrthodox Styling, giving to the Rider a Premium look. Its also called as the Executive Suit of the Jackets due to its unique cut, shape & finish. Its Unique design has earned the laurels and respects of both bikers & critics. Simply irresistible, it comes with latest CE-approved LEVEL 2 armors on both the Elbows & Shoulders. The jacket comes with Internal Thermal liner & external waterproof jacket and is highly breathable due to its massive mesh panels.

SPITI Unique Features

  • Stylish Leather collar with soft Neoprene inners for neck comfort.
  • Nearly 3 times more Reflective Piping on the Jacket for highest level of visibility in nights
  • Metal External Hard Armors on shoulders.
  • Emergency ID Card pocket provided in left sleeve.

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Black, Grey

Jacket size

S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Rain liner

With Rainproof, Without Rainproof

Thermal liner

With Thermal, Without Thermal

32 reviews for SPITI JACKET

  1. Overall, highly recommended. Very happy with style, function and comfort.

  2. I’m very happy with the look and versatility. I have not had the opportunity to test it in warmer weather with layers removed and the vents open (although I purchased it as specifically for cool/cold weather) or in rain.

  3. Crash Tested So unfortunately I had to crash test this jacket.. I was driving about 40 mph on a road with no streetlights I came across a tree in the middle of the road and did not have enough time to react, when I did react, I grab the front brakes a little too hard and I went down on the left side. I slid and I tumbled.. luckily I am okay and am only a little sore with a sprained hand and a sprained shoulder from how I put my hand down when I hit the ground. The only damage to this jacket is a small left hole on the right elbow, and you can see the LEVEL 1 armour through the hole.there is skid marks on the jacket and one small part where the threading got ripped from the impact. I absolutely recommend this jacket. It saved my skin and possible bones! after hitting the ground at about 40 mph i think this jacket is awesome. btw, i own the black and it has style

  4. My friend suggested me this jacket. I must say I’m not disappointed.. I have purchased the best jacket in market. It has a classy look and fits comfortably. Suitable for all weather condition. High quality materials used for jacket. Best product for a reasonable price. Go for it.

  5. My perfect Riding jacket I will start by saying that I have a hard time finding jackets that fit well due to being relatively tall and skinny. The quality of this piece is very impressive, especially for the price. Very nice soft leather collar, solid and positive feeling zips and fasteners, and of course, the jacket is just plain sexy. The protection feels very adequate for city riding and commuting. I wasn’t really looking to buy a highly technical or track jacket, so this is perfectly fine with me. All in all, I have no real complaints and am 100% satisfied.

  6. As i am just getting back on the street after over 20 years off the bike, technology has changed greatly, after looking at countless jackets and talking to friends settled on this jacket and so glad I did, very comfortable, very stylish and fits great, it is a bit snug with all the layers in, but that just makes me want to lose a couple pounds, it feels great on and while riding, very happy with this purchase

  7. NDIA’S NO. 1 Motorcycle Jacket…(all said in that 1 sentence) I loved ordering from this company since the shipping and description were so fast and efficient. I would highly recommend this product and this company anytime. LOVE U BIKING BROTHERHOOD

  8. I got this product from a shop Adeshwar’s Auto Zone , Banglore. Was slightly confused considering the options available being of all other known brands. However, on wearing the SPITI, the first thought before looks sprouted out loud was it seems sturdy and safe.

  9. I am really enjoying riding with this jacket. I bought it for sport touring and it seems to fit the bill nicely Loads of features, lots of storage pockets, lots of ventilation, very flexible. And it looks HIGH CLASS

  10. Jacket is very very Comfortable , the unorthodox Design and Reflective lines make the Jacket more visible in night Premium look Jacket & also even in hot riding conditions the Breathability is excellent.

  11. This is my first season jacket . I don’t have a comparison jacket, but I will say that this is a great first jacket. Comfortable, fits to size , and visible with all weather conditions. And above its very Classy and gives an International feel and touch to it. Coudnt believe we will get such High quality in India itself. Awesome job Biking Brotherhood Gears..

  12. Overall great jacket and excellent value for the money. Great in even hot conditions, and also good protection if you go down. Airflow is fantastic. Riding in 40 degrees feels nice.

  13. THANK YOU BBG for this wonderful jacket, it looks good, fits well and brings confidence while riding.. The jacket is well ventilated and will work really well in hot summers. I just have one small but important request to BBG that, if they can modify the collar and extend the zipper till the top of the collar, then this would be a perfect jacket. Its very cold here in winters and the cool air easily gets inside the jacket from the collar as it cant cover the neck fully. But nonetheless, this is a very good jacket.

  14. This jacket can be easily compared to any of the textile jackets from the top safety gear manufacturers in the world. The effort that BBG has put in to design it really shows off. The thoughtful placement of pockets, the quality of zippers and protectors, the quality of the fabric, everything is absolute top notch and nothing less. Just be sure to buy a jacket one size larger than your shirt size so that you can comfortably wear the inner liners. And don’t worry about fit and finish, it is even better than tailored clothes. Just go ahead and buy it. The jacket will surely stay with you for a very long time.

  15. This is definitely the best all season jacket with premium quality fabric. I rode for around 1100 km wearing it. Even while driving in heavy rain it kept my upper body completely dry. It also has more reflectors (front and back) compared to other jackets. Key pocket was very useful. All the pockets are completely waterproof. The elbow guard is pretty big and it almost covers 3/4th of the forearm. The best part of the jacket is its comfort and fit. Even though I’m little lean it fits perfectly on me and it doesn’t look heavy unlike other jackets. For the given price this is the best jacket one can find. So don’t think twice just buy it.

  16. The Best of the Best. It took me a month and my search ended here when I saw this jacket. It’s an awesome product with great protection and at a reasonable price.

  17. Awesome product. Built with premium quality fabric. Has 4 pockets, all waterproof.feels like you are wearing body armour before going to war

  18. i am too muchh satisfied thanks a lot bbg

  19. i have been useing it daily basis i am tooooooo much satisfied belive me the bestt jacket of all time i have mailed u my pics a to happy

  20. been using it for the past 4 months, in long rides, the mesh really works well, been riding long distances and feel comfortable , all paddings are proper, fits well, durable enough , dont wish to test it though

  21. It’s a good jacket

  22. i love this jacket very much . biking brotherhood is the best

  23. What an excellent jacket. Went on a 400kms ride with sun blazing, but it kept me completely dry inside without a drop of sweat. It looks absolutely fabulous. It surely catches everybody’s eye on the road. Super style, comfort, premium quality. It’s my 1st jacket and am proud of it. Worth every rupee spent

  24. Before choosing this model I tried all the major brand in Chennai I visited nearly 7 different showrooms BBG was the best in all aspects for road riders Great value for money product

  25. Super jacket! It looks and fits so good. Rode for hours in the pouring rain and it kept me totally dry inside. Didn’t feel hot and sweaty even with the rain lining attached. Very happy. In my opinion, there is nothing this quality at this price, but many similar quality more expensive ones which are not made for our climate.

  26. My first jacket. I feel it is the best one in this segment.

  27. EXCELLENT jaCket.. on time delivery well paCked..thank U BBG.

  28. thermal lining, rain proof lining, CE level 2 protection, good air flow … what more do we need . Its a awesome product. a awesome buy for my bucks

  29. This is a all weather jacket. It has excellent protection and padding at important spots. I love this jacket.

  30. Good thing about this jacket is it has MOST perforated panels among all the Indian brand Jackets, which is a must for all our Indian Bikers as we ride in hot conditions 10 months out of just go for it.

  31. BBG Spiti Jacket is a very nice jacket, it is good to have in all seasons. Thx BBG

  32. This is my 1st jacket and I am very happy with protection fitting and looks.Air flow is also excellent. Worth every penny invested.

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